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KIMORA aka Niya.

BeFunky Collage

Dear gorgeous,

You are uniquely different, unique (as in you represent yourself in a different aspect). Many claim to know you, but we both know you are very unpredictable. Your Leo personality has a tendency to pull people in, while your temper tends to scare people off. “But that’s normal for anyone”. I love how generous and loving you are. You’re family oriented and you love your friends dearly (even if sometimes a punch in the throat may solve everything lol); you refrain from doing so. The ambition and determination you have to always strive beyond the expectations of others is beautiful.

Oh!, and to note your sense of style is soo cute. You go from Tomboy/geeky to “ratchet” / comfortable to classy/sophisticated. You seem to always amaze me. I am always curious to see what you will put together the next day.

Kimora your light shines bright, and please do not ever let anyone take that away from you. You are a QUEEN, a black QUEEN. You’re the tulip in the garden ready to blossom.


Forever yours,

Kimora xoxo